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Peru Discover Adventures 

Is an adventure travel company it is a legally company with own operation in Huaraz – Peru. We offer a good quality service for outdoors sport lovers such as trekking ,climbing , mountaineering, fishing, , mountain bike , horseback riding, tours .
Around the Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Huayhuash, Cordillera Raura and Cuzco. Our company counts with a record of well organized quality service of adventure trips and expeditions. We have only friendly professional mountain guides for your safety in the Peruvian Andes.

We has worked for European and American companies such as Wilderness Travel, Dav Summit Club, High Places and We had gained many high recommendations and lot of experience and now He is a conduct organize offers services the trekking climbing expeditions. 

cordillera blanca 

Located in Ancash, it is the world's highest tropical mountain range. Almost the entire mountain chain is protected by the Huascarán National Park, an area home to 663 glaciers, 269lakes and 41 rivers, in addition to 33 archaeological sites.

The Cordillera Blanca is riddled with countless trekking circuits. However, some of them have become world-famous: the route of the Quebrada Santa Cruz gully is possibly the most popular of all. The trek sets out from Cashapampa and ends up in the gorge of Quebrada Llanganuco, at the edge of the emerald-green waters of the Llanganuco lake

cordillera blanca trekking :

- santa cruz trek - llanganuco 4 days

- santa cruz - ulta 6 days

- olleros - chavin 3 days

- circuit cedros - alpamayo - vaqueria 10 days

- circuit cedros - alpamayo - ulta 12 days

- circuit cedros - alpamayo pomabamba - llanganuco 8 days

- quilkayhuanca - ishinca 5 days

- aquilpo - ishinca 4 days


cordillera blanca climbing

- Huascaran 6,768m. 7 dyas

- alpamayo 5,947m.  & quitaraju 6,030m. 7 days

- pisco 5752m. 4 days

- chopicalqui 6,350m. 5 days

- artesonraju 6,030m. 5 days

-  urus , ishinca & tocllaraju 6,034m. 7 days

- vallunaraju  3 days

cordillera huayhuash

The fantastic ice range of the Cordillera Huayhuash is renowned for knife-edged 20,000-foot peaks that attract mountaineers from around the world. Seven of Peru's highest peaks rise from this dramatic massif, whose awesome beauty can be seen in the gripping adventure film Touching the Void. Our challenging 14-day trek crosses seven high passes as we circle the entire range, with nearly continuous panoramas of towering Andean giants, including Yerupaja (21,759'), second highest mountain in Peru. Our adventure culminates in an optional climb of Diablo Mudo (17,235'), a non-technical snow peak with panoramic views across the entire Huayhuash. Sunny blue skies, mild daytime temperatures, and a profusion of edelweiss and purple lupine make these mountains an alpine paradise.


Cordillera Huayhuash trekking & climbing :


- full huayhuash from 12 to 14 days with two climbing pumarinry 5,450m. diablo mudo 5,350m. (optional )

- huayhuash 10 days

- huayhuash - cajatambo from 8 to 10 days

- queropalca huayhuash 7 days

- mini trek huayhuash 4 days


Cordillera Rura

CORDILLERA  RAURA   the mountain chain RAURA  is the beginning  of the western  chain  of  them  andes PERUVIANS  of  the north wich length is  of aproximately  25 kilometres , it  is  follower by the mountain   chain  HUAYHUASH  with  an aproximate length of  30 kilometres.

cordillera raura trekking & climbing:

- circuit lima - churin- raura - cajatambo 12 days with two optional clilmbing to niño perdido and quesillojanca

- circuit lima - churin - raura - huayhuash - llamac 14 days


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